With pirates boasting and spinning tales, brave knights jousting for the favour of the Queen, with tinkers, and gypsies dancing, and minstrels stroll through village lanes for your pleasure. Villagers and performers of every type will surround you with varied and entertaining sights to amuse and please our audience. Watch the Maypole dance, or perhaps the Mummers winding their way through the town to save us from the danger of plague. See the Queen’s falconers practice their ancient science and meet the Master Falconer and his beautiful hawks.

Visit our demonstrations of skilled craftsmen. Follow the progress of the Queen and her court of fair ladies and noble lords. Sit at one of our stages with continuous performances throughout the day. Jesters and storytellers, magicians and fooles.

You are sure to find something to make this one of the best ways to spend a summer day or weekend!

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