~ Performer Applications ~

We are now accepting applications from PTH and roving street performers of all types. Please provide a video link or images with your application.

We are especially interested in the following types of entertainment:

Comedia del Arte
Dance teams
Participant/volunteer performers for villagers
Food and craft vendors as needed
Contact Michelle Tongyai for applications and more information through the email link.

~ Downloadable PDF’s ~

Historic Arts Presentations
Attn: Performing Arts Department
5651 Highway F
Hartville, Mo. 65667
(417) 771-9499

~ Academy Classes ~

APRIL – 23rd


9:00 AM – 2:00 PM @ Springfield Creamery
Arts Center

(Dress Rehearsal)
At the Faire Site!

The academy is for anyone interested in experiencing the performing arts for the Renaissance Period. In order to participate, one does not have to be experienced but must have the desire to learn. The Academy offers a unique opportunity to learn a wide variety of performance skills and disciplines while developing, demonstrating and testing your emerging skills. Academy workshops will include characterization, improvisation, costuming, language and dialect, faire survival skills, brief overview of history & religion, customs and manners. The Academy is taught by highly experienced professionals in the Renaissance performance arena and is offered at no tuition cost to all participants, crafters, vendors, staff and any other interested persons.The only other requirements for attendance are: timely arrival to Academy and all classes, a commitment to participating, a willing, attentive and enthusiastic learning attitude, a pencil with an eraser and paper for taking notes.

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